Pretty Polly Flighty Backseam Bow Tights

Pretty Polly Flighty Backseam Bow Tights

The first thing we noticed about these tights from the leading British brand Pretty Polly. Based in the heart of the traditional hosiery producing area of Derbyshire, there was that the small back label said in tiny print under the fibre composition “Made in Turkey”.

I don’t suppose we can be too critical of Pretty Polly for this. Many brands have no factories of their own, instead of contracting out batches of production or even the entire range to factories in Italy, China, and Turkey. It would, though, be nice to see prices coming down to reflect production in low wage economies rather than going up in response to increased raw material costs.

Previous tights styles we have seen from Turkish factories have been pretty good, so perhaps time to end the rant and look at the tights. Almost at once, we are back to griping… £10 for a pair of tights made in just one size! That one size is designed to fit up to a height of 5’10” (158cm) and hips up to 42” (107cm). Weight is mentioned too but is instead a redundant number given height and hip information.

First impressions of the tights are excellent. Soft to the touch and folded so that the gorgeous satin bow that will sit on your calf is on show. Take care unfolding, though. On our test pair, a rough edge on the bow had snagged the sheer material of the leg. A meticulous extraction was required to avoid damage. Raised seams and an unlined gusset in the panty, straight unshaped legs finished with non-reinforced toes. Quite a basic detailing but adequate.

A broad stripe seam in the contrasting thread from just behind the toe seam to the bow (about 40% of the way from toe seam to gusset). Pretty Polly is selling these tights short with the suggested sizing. You could easily get away with a couple of extra inches on the hips. A 34” leg (measured gusset to heel) was accommodated with ease. Even stretched beyond the suggested maximum size, colour density easily met the expectations of 30 denier and was perfectly even over the leg.

The panty incidentally is a different knit to the leg. The transition around 1” (2.5cm) below the gusset is quite apparent so take care wearing short skirts/shorts. Fit is excellent. The matt finish material follows the curve of the leg perfectly.

The seam runs perfectly straight with no problems at all, a great highlight to draw the eye to your calves. The satin bows are a lovely touch and make these natural fun party tights. The bow is positioned perfectly to sit just at the top of the calf, even on a long leg. Wear these tights for a few minutes, and all the minor grumbles and even the bigger grumbles melt away.

Warm, comfortable, stylish, flattering and fun, these are tights that you can fall in love with. Sure, there are areas where they could be improved. But we would pay £10 for them quite happily in the final analysis, and your wardrobe will be lacking without them.

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