Oroblu Cherie Tights

Oroblu Cherie Tights

Those of us with long memories will recall that lace pattern hosiery was very much the in-thing in the mid-1980s. We liked them then, and we want them now too. So how do the current designs stand up? The construction of these tights is quite simple, with straight legs with a basic toe seam, lace pattern from the toe to the plain 2cm deep waistband. A flat central seam and a cotton-lined gusset for comfort and hygiene. Nicely made and of good quality.

The lace pattern is in the style of a climbing rose on an excellent net background. The feel in hand is surprisingly soft. No reason why they should not be soft, of course. Just the way they looked created an expectation.

There are four sizes available, covering most figures and heights from 4’ 9” to 5’11”. Our friends at UKTights stock all four sizes. There is a choice of 1 colour; cream. The sizing is accurate with enough stretch to go a little beyond the suggested sizing; at least in length, the panty is less generous than the legs. Fit is perfect, a significant improvement on the 1980s design, when lacy tights meant sagging at knee and ankle and regular pulling up.

The lace background to the design is far more apparent on the leg, but if you are a few feet away, the laciness gives way to a slight shine. The lace look is not for everyone, and cream is not the most flattering colour if your legs are a little on the heavy side, but we like these tights. Perfect as part of a fashionable summer outfit, ideal as bridal hosiery and limited edition, you shouldn’t find all your friends wearing the same.

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