Oroblu Active Legs 70 Tights

Oroblu Active Legs Revolution 40 Tights

As we write this review, there is 8” of snow on the ground outside, and it is -12C, not the sort of weather we expect in Cheshire, even in January. So no surprise that the request today was for some lovely opaque tights. 70 denier seemed just the thing, but when we looked closely at the packet, we got two surprises; firstly, the picture looks like a classic sheer, and secondly, we noticed that these are graduated support tights. 4 sizes are covering all shapes and sizes from a very petite 4’9” and 100lbs to a statuesque 5’11 and 185lbs. We tested size III, Large.

First impressions were confusing. Light soft, and sheer. Yes sheer! Only the high leg control panty looks even close to 70 denier. The toes are lightly reinforced, and the legs are shaped at the heel. The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The waistband is deep and soft and promises a high degree of comfort.

The first clue that there is anything out of the ordinary here is the size of the feet. Unstretched, they look to be sized for a child. When you try to put your feet into these tights, you get your second and final clue. These are serious support tights, and you need to allow plenty of time to put them on.

Once on, the compression is very obvious at the ankle but less so elsewhere. The fit is excellent, and the sizing quite generous. However, by using all the available stretch and strength to get into a size that is a little small for you, you get a lot more of that compression. The control top smoothes rather than shapes.

If you take care while dressing, the look of these tights is that of a perfectly even coloured semi-opaque of about 40 denier. There is even some sheen on the finish.

What Oroblu has done here is give you a top-quality, smart-looking semi-opaque that happens to provide fantastic support to your legs, perfect if you are on your feet a lot. Not quite the cozy 70 denier we were looking for today, but a real winner that we highly recommend.

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