Ose R20 Tights

Ose R20 Tights

We got a big surprise when we came to review these tights before we even opened the packet. If you had asked us about the Ose brand, we would have waxed lyrical about the high-quality hosiery from Italy, the sublime Ose Angel Seamless Tights. Then we realised that we have never actually reviewed any Ose tights before.

The name R20 caught us out too. Entirely how Ose came up with the name, we are not sure. Indeed it is the shortest name we have ever seen, but why R20 when the tights are 40 denier? Why not R20? The packet at least gives a partial description of the tights and a size chart explaining the four sizes available.

Heights up to 185 cm or 5’10” are catered for, although we are unsure why metabolic ladies can be 3” or 7.2cm taller than others. (The second time this week, we have seen inconsistent sizing between imperial and metabolic units).

So to the tights

No surprise at all. High-quality Italian tights! Sheer to waist with entirely shaped legs. The sandal toe detail is elegant and lighter than the legs. There is a run stop detail to prevent holes in the toes from becoming ladders in the legs.

Stretching these tights over your hand to inspect them, you can feel the light support which is graduated from a peak at the ankles. The panty is finished with flat seams that have a narrow transition strip on either side for strength. There is a pretty finger band of 2cm depth and a 3cm deep waistband.

The cotton gusset appears only on sizes 1-3 (S-L), size 4 (XL) has the comfort gusset (v-shaped rear panel) that is common in Italian hosiery. The rear panel is heavier than the legs but not exceptionally so. Don’t rush putting these tights on. They need to be put on slowly and carefully. Not because they are in any way fragile, but they do cling to your legs and take a while to adjust if you don’t get it right the first time.

They cling excellently, of course, giving a perfect fit and a sensation of support on your legs that is caressing rather than constricting. Smooth them evenly up your legs, and you are rewarded with perfect even colour.

Sizing is spot on with enough stretch to go beyond even the bigger metabolic sizes suggested, a 34” / 86cm leg being easily accommodated. The comfort gusset provides extra space in the seat in the XL size. And for once, the fit and feel of the tights are not spoilt by this detail. Excellent semi-opaque tights that support your legs without any clue that they are not purely fashion tights.

If you are on your feet all day working or expect a long night out partying, these tights could be the answer to your prayers. Now we know why they call them R20. Easy to remember when you go to buy some.

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