Omero Luxor 20 Tights

Omero Luxor 20 Tights

These days, it is pretty rare for us to encounter a new brand of tights. Particularly one producing sheer tights rather than high fashion designs. This style is made in 5 sizes, sizes 1-4 each coping in turn with a little more height and weight. The XL size being designed for the same range of heights as size three but considerably more width in the hips.

First impressions are excellent. These 20 denier glossy tights are made sheer to waist with an entirely shaped leg. The reinforced toe detail is a similar weight to the leg, just with a slightly tighter knit. And, there is a run stop detail to prevent holes in the toe from ruining the leg. The seams in the panty are very well made flat seams, and there is a narrow reinforced strip to either side for strength. There is a narrow finger band between the sheer material of the leg and panty and the deep waistband (4 cm).

The cotton gusset is only in sizes 1-4. As is typical with Italian-made tights, the XL size has a comfort gusset that is unlined. If you have not seen one of these before, it is made by having two seams up the back of the panty on either side of a triangle of material slightly heavier than the legs. In fact, the same as the reinforced strips on either side of the front seam. The short edge being on the waistband and the point meeting the front seam in the crotch.

Sizing is quite generous. We would suggest that you stay with sizes 1-4 unless you need the extra volume of size 5. As is often the case, the comfort gusset provides a less embracing fit than a standard cotton gusset. The Lycra that provides all the stretch also provides a fantastic fit; wearing these tights is slipping into a coat of paint. The paint analogy transfers to the look too, the finish is flawless with perfect even colour and a delicious satin sheen.

These tights are as good as any others we have seen and bring yet more competition to what we believe is the best area of the hosiery market. Twenty denier tights of this quality and finish are suitable to wear any time. Day or night, for work or play. They should last and last and show that you can buy sheer and sexy and still get great value.

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