Lady Sofia Relax Tights

Lady Sofia Relax Tights

The packaging gives very clue about these tights but being called “Relax” and having the sweeping ribbon graphic we are guessing some shaping or support. Sizing needs to be considered carefully as Lady Sofia’s sizes are approximately 2 out of step with EU sizing. So their 6 is roughly an EU 4 or UK Large.

The tights are made with a straight leg and detailed as the packet suggested. Except that we would say that the waistband is pretty standard and that it is attached to an 8 cm deep finger band. Not so very different from a deep waistband, but we like to be accurate. The legs are unshaped, and the brief is finished with an unlined gusset and raised seams.

As with most tights, these are made by knitting two halves complete with waistbands and then sewing the two together. Top-end makers will often use a single piece waistband sewn onto the completed tights. We mention this here because sadly with our test pair the two halves were not perfectly aligned, so there is a step in the waistband. On the upside, there is a narrow reinforced strip either side of the central body seam that should add to durability.

These tights look good with a smooth matt satin finish that gives a subtle shimmer in the right light. The Lycra also ensures a good fit and allows you to take a few liberties with sizing. These are durable tights that will take the stretch.

The deep waistband certainly adds to the comfort. This would allow you to sit these tights little lower on your hips if you chose. The price list calls the waistband/finger band detail a “control top”, any control is minimal. We have no UK retail price, but the trade price suggests they would be good value tights for everyday wear.

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