Max Mara Calypso Tights

Max Mara Calypso Tights

For those of you not familiar with the word tulle is used to described excellent lightweight netting and is made by a particular way of knitting very similar to that used for many fishnet tights but much finer.

At first sight, these look like any other semi-opaque tights. But as soon as you take them off the card to can feel the texture of the material.

These are sheer to waist tights that feature a cotton gusset in sizes 1-3 and a comfort gusset (rear panel) in size 4. There are flat seams in all sizes. The legs are shaped at the heel and entirely sheer from the toe seam to the waistband. The plain waistband is very soft and some 5cm deep.

Sizing is accurate, and the feel on the leg is very soft, making these extremely comfortable tights to wear. Fit on the legs is excellent, thanks to the high Lyrca content in the fibre. Fit in the panty is right too. But as is often the case we found that the comfort gusset made for a less involved fit. Our advice would be to go for size three unless you are towards the upper end of the size 4 size range if you are tall rather than full in the hips.

Tights are about to look of course. These give a perfectly even colour with a glimpse of a 30 denier semi-opaque you need to get very close indeed to see the tulle effect. If we have any criticism, it is that the “baby-soft” waistband does not hold the tights in place as well as something a little more robust. Particularly if you have a less well-defined waist.

All in all, a unique, classy and sophisticated design very well executed. It incorporating the best features of the semi-opaque and fishnet. £14.30 is not cheap. This is something of a concern as we found that these tights were very prone to snagging. Anything even a little rough will cause a pull that entirely ruins the sophisticated look you are paying for. Great for a special night out! But don’t be surprised if their second outing has to be with a long shirt and boots.

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