Max Mara Bombay Tights

Max Mara Bombay Tights

These tights raise an interesting question, well interesting to the tights “anorak” anyway. How fine can a fishnet become before it becomes opaque or semi-opaque? The line is somewhere very close to these 40 denier tulle tights. Feel is smooth and sheer, almost like a glossy semi-opaque, but look closely, and these are lovely net tights.

Detailing is as you would expect from a quality brand such as Max Mara. Sheer from toe seam to waistband, lightly shaped at the heel, flat seams in the panty. Sizes 1-3 have a gusset, size 4 has the v-shaped rear “comfort gusset.”

Sizing is accurate, and there is plenty of stretch. The stretch is handy if like us you are not a fan of the comfort gusset unless you are full in the hips size three will probably be the better option for bigger/taller ladies.

Fishnet uses an optical trick to give very even colour from a distance, where tighter-knit hosiery can look to have banding in the shading. With such a fine net as this, you have to take great care to get the colour even.
Fit and comfort are perfect as well. The look on the leg is semi-opaque as advertised, and the durability is excellent too. All in all, a very classy pair of tights that will work at any time and on any occasion. Fishnet or semi-opaque? We don’t care; they are great tights either way.

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