Le Bourget Trocadero Tights

Le Bourget Trocadero Tights

For those of you who recognise the name “Trocadero” but can’t place where they’re from, it is the area of Paris bordering the river Seine directly opposite the Eiffel tower. So do these tights of chic Parisian sophistication?

First impressions are excellent, slightly heavier than a 20 denier sheer these tights exude quality and strength. The entirely shaped leg is what we would expect at this price point. The pattern of other sheer and patterned stripes runs from toe seam to waistband with no interruption; the panty has flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset.

There is a finger band to give a healthy transition to the plain waistband and light reinforcement either side of the central seam. Although this has been cleverly incorporated into the design and is a pretty detail rather than a purely functional one.

Our only slight concern from the visual inspection was that even in the largest of the four sizes, the panty section looked quite short and small.
Sizing is accurate but not generous, particularly in the panty which is styled in such a way that unless you have a tiny bottom, the waistband will be on your hips rather than your waist.

Fit is perfect, indeed. We had no problem getting the vertical stripes straight on legs at the very first attempt. The gusset ensures a very comfortable fit. The 5% Lycra does not provide a lot of stretch, but it provides for a wrinkle-free fit.

We love the pattern. The vertical stripes add inches to the length of your leg and at the same time as slimming they emphasise your curves too. A very stylish design that you could wear for any occasion at any time of day. Very well made and comfortable to wear. Certainly worth what until recently we would have called a premium price for tights.

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