Le Bourget Perfect Chic 10 Tights

Le Bourget Perfect Chic 10 Tights

When you use the word perfection in the name of a style of tights, they need to be pretty exceptional, and these tights are. Too many makers think that to be extraordinary, you need to be unusual. But the top makers know that the key is to deliver simplicity expertly. It seems almost unfair to sum these lovely tights up in a single sentence but. Sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset, light shaping of the leg and sandal toes does just that.

That description applies to many styles. Still, it in no way tells you just how good these tights are. The artistry is excellent with all the seams beautifully finished. The reinforced areas either side of the seams and around the gusset are big enough to give strength and durability but no wider than they need to be.

Although only ten denier, there is an impression of strength, and the strength is no illusion either. Two days about the office and they were as good as new at the end. The fit is excellent, and the sizing is spot on. There is a stretch to go beyond the suggested maxima, but for optimum comfort stay close to the recommended sizing.

The look on the leg is gorgeous with a soft sheen, more subtle than a satin finish but no a barely-there look. So Perfect Chic? There is no such thing as the perfect pair of tights, but there is a look on your leg that cannot be bettered and these tights deliver that look. The packet says “Soyeux & Elegant” which means silky and elegant. Essentially, these tights summed up in two words.

One other thing, Le Bourget present their Perfect Chic Tights in a plain packet in the box. Very classy and ideal for storing the tights in afterwards.

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