Kunert Fashion Seamed Sheer Tights

Kunert Fashion Tights Sheer

Even before you open the packet, these tights stand out from the crowd. Firstly because of the pink seam and partly because of the inclusion of polypropylene in the fibre.

Visually first impressions are not great, unlike other Kunert tights they do not exude quality on the card. The feel though is impressive, very smooth and quite soft.

The construction of these tights is impressive, the legs are straight and finished with a reinforced toe, the panty has a gusset, but not flat seams. Either side of the central seam there is a narrow reinforced area of the same colour as the back seam. The tights are finished off with a 2.5cm deep waistband.

All our reservations about quality were dispelled as we started to put these tights on. They slide beautifully over your legs, and the seam runs straight without any messing about and twisting of the legs. This may be because although the seam goes to the waist, it curves outwards towards the waistband. Fit is excellent from hip to toe. The lack of a shaped heel means these tights will suit any foot size.

The finish on the leg is quite unusual. We would have to call it matt, but just when you are sure that is what it is, the fabric catches the light and gives a little sparkle.

The feel on the leg is smooth and soft, very lovely tights to wear and dare we say very nice to be touched wearing.

The back seam, whatever colour is something you will love or hate. At first, we were not sure, but the contrasting stitching has grown on us. Certainly for a smart evening event though, not for every day. These tights cry out to be worn with high heels, and the reinforced toe means no sandals. If you want your legs to get noticed at a party, treat yourself

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