Jonathan Aston Dog Tooth Tights

Jonathan Aston Dog Tooth Coloured Tights

When we first saw these tights, we remembered we had seen Houndstooth Tights from Jonathan Aston before. So what is the difference? Well, it seems that these dogs have smaller teeth!

Two sizes are available and four very bright colours Ochre (yellow), Peacock (Green), Jewel (Pink) and Velvet (Purple). Quite a change from the one size back & white houndstooth.

There is some question about the denier of these tights, the packet says nothing, UK Tights say 40 and My Tights say 60 denier. These tights feel quite heavy. This is in part because two colours of yarn are used and there is a texture to the fabric. Quite smooth on the outside but noticeably “fluffy” on the inside. We would say the look and feel more 60 denier.

Construction is straightforward with straight legs and an unlined gusset. The pattern runs from the toe seams to the plain waistband.

If ever there was a pair of tights that needed to be on your legs to be fully appreciated, then this is it. They feel warm and comfortable and fit very well. The pattern is knitted in rather than printed on maintains definition and intensity of colour when stretched. The Peacock shade that we tested looks particularly sophisticated and being less vibrant than the other colours is suitable for wear anywhere and anytime.

For just a few pennies short of £10 we would have liked to have seen flat seams, but that is a small grumble. One of the best products that we have seen from Jonathan Aston. It is one that promises to be a wardrobe regular throughout the winter.

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