Jonathan Aston Arctic Tights

Jonathan Aston Arctic Tights

Jonathan Aston has been inspired recently offering some great designs, and this season with names like Freeze and Arctic tights. They have been inspired in the naming too. Perfect for the weather.

The presentation of these tights is smart too. They are in an open packet but rather than some complicated piece of cardboard around the outside there is a big ribbon with a Jonathan Aston motif; the ribbon has a sticky strip to allow you to rewrap your tights should you wish.

Cotton is the dominant fibre, so it is no surprise that there is a sock-like feel to these tights; not always a good sign when it comes to fit with tights.

There is a choice of three sizes to fit up to a maximum height of 5″10 (182cm) and hips of 48″ (120cm). Setting aside the inconsistency in unit conversion this is generous sizing.

Unlike socks, these tights have no shaping at the heel. There is a plain reinforced toe then the pattern runs straight to the waistband. The panty is well finished with flat seams and a gusset.

There is considerably more stretch than the fibre content would suggest, and the maximum height is easily accommodated. The styling in the hips is quite slim so we would recommend perhaps 44″ as a maximum, not 48″.

The cotton-rich material is warm rather than sweaty. One word of warning though if you plan to venture out in cold, wet weather; cotton won’t keep you warm if you get it wet.

The patterning gives an impression of colder climate and cosiness while the vertical elements emphasise the length of your legs are visually slimming. If we were pedantic, we would have liked legs knitted left, and right-handed for symmetry. But that is perhaps a detail only a pedant would notice.

Warm, well made, comfortable, perfect styling for the season. Another triumph for Jonathan Aston.

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