Hudson Tradition 20 Tights

Hudson Tradition 20 Tights

Although a number of our partners stock the Hudson brand, we have only seen this style on sale in stores in Germany. Given the range of sizes available, we will be reviewing both size 4 (44-46), which is the largest gusseted style and size 6 (52-54).

As soon as you open the packet you are transported back several decades. The look and feel of these tights are straight from the 1980s. The shaped, reinforced heel adds to the sense of tights from decades past. But the quality reinforced toe let you know that more modern design and technology is in play. The panty has raised seams and an unlined gusset (size 4), which together with the boxer styling with the slightly darker “shorts” design take you back to the 80’s again.

The knit is relied on as much as the Lycra to give stretch and fit. Sizing is accurate to generous, both fit and finish are good with perfectly even colour.

The look and feel on the leg is far more stocking like than most tights. An impression that the reinforced heel emphasises visually. Although a style aimed more at the more mature lady who remembers wearing tights in the 1980s and perhaps wants the look of stockings from an earlier age, these tights would look good on anyone. Although detailed in some ways like supermarket tights, they are in another class in terms of quality.

We like them, as there is nothing quite like nostalgia!

Size 6 can only be described as “big”. No longer than the size four but very generously proportioned in the panty and styled with a comfort gusset (triangular rear panel). Much to our surprise, despite the low Lycra content and the comfort gusset, the fit in the seat was not bad. Much better than most other styles we have tried with this type of gusset. Unlike with the smaller size where we thought the sizing was on the generous side, it is perfect. Well done to Hudson for managing great fit through accurate sizing rather than through lots of Lycra stretch.

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