Cecilia de Rafael Miss 20 Seamless Tights


CDR Miss 20 Seamless Tights are ‘seamlessly’ perfect!

The same word can have different meaning to different people. The word “tights” is one of the best examples; in the UK and other places, it includes the sheer hosiery known as pantyhose in the USA. Seamless is another example; seamless stockings are simply lacking a seam down the back of the leg, such a common situation these days that you seldom see the word used in the context, instead the stockings with seams are called seamed. What we have here are seamless tights, or if you like seamless pantyhose, and in the world of tights and pantyhose “seamless” means no seams at all other than at the toe and to attach the waistband.

Seamless styles are a rarity as they are expensive to produce and many women are simply not aware of them; most manufacturers (with honourable exceptions) make a seamless style for a season or two them quietly drop it.

Cecilia de Rafael are the latest to launch a seamless style. It is made in 20 denier and can be bought in 4 sizes. The overall size range is from height 145 cm to 185 cm, the overall weight range is from 45 kg to 82kg (4’9” to 6’1” and 99lbs to 180lbs).

Seamless tights in a large size can be quite shocking when you first open the packet, as they look ever so small. But they are designed to stretch so fear not! These tights are quite typical of the genre except that they have a little shaping at the heel.

There are a variety of ways of closing seamless tights and the use a method similar to the likes of Wolford, where the direction of knit changes to give, feint diagonal lines in the crotch area. By far the best method in the eyes of the aficionados.

The feel of these tights is like a fine microfibre, not particularly soft or smooth.

There is an art to putting on tights like these. The key word in this situation is patience. There is plenty of stretch but it needs to be teased out. Never pull the material and if the tights come up short, roll them all the way back to your toes and start again, smoothing as you go. Once your legs are fully encased you can tackle the panty.

Hipster styled the “waistband” will sit just on your hips unless you are very skinny or you bought a size too big. Slowly and gently is the key again, and you will find you gain a little more stretch as your body warms the fabric.

If this is the first time you have worn seamless tights, then you will find out why they are special the moment you have them on properly. The fit is unique, as it follows every curve of your anatomy from heel to hip (and we mean every curve)!

Fit is perfect, so long as you follow our instructions, even if the sizing is actually slightly on the generous side.

The 20 denier material with its even colour and entirely matt finish is classy and flattering.

As ever with seamless tights, we have to recommend that you wear without underwear to maintain a perfectly smooth finish under the most clingy fashions.

The price is an extra bonus. The least expensive seamless tights available today.

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