Z|ohara Tights with Symmetric Tattoo

Zohara Tights with Symmetric Tattoo.

White opaque tights with dark brown symmetric tattoo print on both  legs.

One size - fits UK Size 8-16.

 Available in Panna - slightly  off White with dark brown tattoos- as seen on the picture.

120 Denier, 90 Nylon, 10 % Lycra,  Price: 19.99

Zohara Tights with Symmetric Tattoo

Our Review

All Zohara tights are based on the same construction with only the printed design changing from one to another, so for details on the tights themselves take a look at our review of Zohara Tights with Flower Print.

Unlike the flower print design tights this style has the same pattern down the front and back of each leg.   We are not sure if is intentional of just a fluke with our test  sample but the pattern is some 1” (2.5cm) higher on one face than the other so these tights do have a back and front.  Should you happen to get the a pair the same we would suggest the higher pattern goes at the back; it just looks better.

The pattern looked clean and crisp even when stretched to the limits of one size and the look on the leg is quite unlike anything from other manufacturers.  

Our only complaint beyond a little bit of gusset material that is beyond the seam and should have been trimmed off (30 seconds with a pair of scissors) is  that these stylish, soft and comfortable tights are 120 denier and too warm even for an English summer... but just the thing for the other 10 months of the year!

Cream with a brown pattern is a great colour combination for Autumn and a quick look out of our office window tells us that Autumn is here!

6 September 2011

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