Luisa Maria Lugli Strip Tights

Luisa Maria Lugli Srip Tights

40 Deniers sheer body pantyhose with stripe and heel back, great fitting and comfort, great seductive effect, flat seams and hygienic cotton gusset, your legs  are sexy and trendy now!

20 Denier, 90 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra,  Price: €16.00

Luisa Maria Lugli Strip Tights


Our Review

Seamed tights are something that divides opinion but we certainly don’t see seams as something that you should only see on stockings.  Just the thing for wearing with a short skirt in the evening and an indulgence if you want a little attention during the working day.

First impressions of these tights are very favourable indeed, they feel delightfully soft  and far lighter than we expected from 40 denier hosiery... the packet says 40 denier but we would have estimated 15. 

The good impressions just keep coming, rather than simply add a seam to basic sheer tights the makers have fashioned a full reinforced toe, sole and heel with the seam starting at the top of the shaped heel.    We would have preferred the seam to go all the way to the waistband rather than stopping at the top of the thigh but that is a minor quibble.

Sheer to waist the panty has flat seams and a cotton lined gusset, comfort gusset in the largest of the 4 sizes. 

We can’t say too much about sizing as we were sent the smallest size, intended to fit up to 163cm (5’7”) and 60 kg (132lbs), and none of our testers is that small.   What we can say is that these are quality tights with masses of stretch and strength those tiny tights stretched to fit a 34” leg on a person who should be wearing the largest size.   What this does tell us is that if like us you don’t much care for comfort gussets you could safely wear size 3 if size 4 appears to be correct from the size chart.

It may just be because of the sizing of the tights versus the sizing of our model but we got the impression that the waistband sat quite low; this would make sense for tights designed for evening as it means the waistband will be out of sight with low backed or backless dresses.  

The seam sat perfectly straight without any effort, adding a touch of interest to the flawless sheer colour.

Excellent tights.... but not 40 denier.

4 May 2010.

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