Pretty Polly Plush Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly Plush Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly plush opaques are made using the finest yarns to give your legs a velvet appearance.

Finished with a touch of cashmere.

Comfortable waistband.

60 Denier,92 % Nylon, 7 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton,  Price: 8.00

Pretty Polly Plush Opaque Tights


Our Review

We heard through the grapevine that Pretty Polly Plush Opaque Tights are in fact the same tights that used to be sold as Aristoc Velveteen Tights, this does not seem unreasonable since Aristoc and Pretty Polly are owned by the same company; and Aristoc just brought out a complete new range of premium opaques.   The fibre mix and colour range suggest the rumour is true, but the change from 50 to 60 denier is a slight mystery... and a good excuse to look at these tights afresh.

Supplied in an open style packet they are made in two sizes small/medium and medium/large to cover a range of heights and weights from 5’0” to 5’10” and 97lbs-174lbs. Helpfully Pretty Polly also give guidance on hip size and it seems as though this would be the controlling measurement as there is no overlap between the sizes with 40” being the borderline.

Autumn shades are the order of the day as far as colour is concerned with a choice of no fewer than seven colours including blueberry, chocolate, juniper and magenta in addition to black.

These really are “no fuss, no frills” opaque tights, straight legs with a reinforced toe detail and boxer style brief.    The brief and toe are very close to being the same finish as the legs, but they are not quite.    You will have to choose your skirts and shorts carefully to keep the panty concealed.  The finish on the legs is lovely with perfect even colour that is given extra depth and a sense of luxury  by a noticeable sheen.

Sizing is on the generous side of accurate for length, you would need to be a very leggy 5’10 to find these tights coming up short, but spot on for hip sizing.

A cotton lined gusset helps to give a very good fit and a good level of comfort. 

You could buy in black but our tip would be to stock up on some of the other colours, they are just the thing for Autumn and Winter and just seem far more exciting!

9 November 2011

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