Pretty Polly Modal Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly Modal Opaque Tights

Wrap up your legs on a winters day.  These soft and scrumptious opaques will keep you snug and warm

Modal blend tights

Warming yarn combination

Made using a blend of premium natural fibres

Comfortable waistband

Flat seamed

120 Denier, 79 % Viscose, 18 % Nylon, 3 % Lycra,  Price: 10.00

Pretty Polly Modal Opaque Tights


Our Review

There are opaque tights and then there are truly warm winter opaque tights and these are definitely intended to be the latter.    

Pretty Polly describe the fibre as “a blend of premium natural fibres”, a slight stretching of the truth as in making viscose the natural material, often bamboo or wood pulp,  is heavily processed to create the final fibre, that said it does have the look and feel of cotton or fine wool.

As for the tights themselves they are made in two sizes as is usual for Pretty Polly these days, but they do claim the larger size will fit up to a height of 5’10” (178 cm) and hips of 48” (122cm). 

Construction is simple but with good quality details.   The legs are unshaped but uniform weight and finish all the way to the toe seam.   The panty is the same weight and finish as the legs and features flat seams and a gusset for optimum fit and comfort.

Sizing is more generous that Pretty Polly suggest, at least there is sufficient stretch to cope with an averagely proportioned 35” leg, which is a lot of leg for someone of 5’10”.   The Lycra that provides the stretch also ensures a very good fit from hip to toe.

The look on the leg is typical of natural fibre tights but the heavy processing of the fibre although not very “green” does provide a far more even colour then wool or cotton manages.  The styling means they are suitable to wear with any length of skirt/shorts combined with any style of footwear.

Warm, comfortable, versatile, nice to look and quite sensibly priced these really are the everyday tights for autumn and winter. 

20 December 2011

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