Pretty Polly Fleecy Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly Fleecy Opaque Tights

Snuggle into these extremely soft and cosy opaques.  They are fleecy on the inside to keep you nice and warm.  The 200 denier yarns make them truly opaque in appearance.

Comfortable waistband

Flat seamed

200 Denier, 92 % Polyester, 8 % Lycra,  Price: 10.00

Pretty Polly Fleecy Opaque Tights


Our Review

With all the fancy expensive natural fibres like angora and cashmere being used to promote warm opaque hosiery this winter it is quite a surprise to see tights made of a synthetic like polyester.   But take a look at that fleece jacket you slip on on cold mornings and check out what it is made of... 100% polyester.  So here we potentially have a fleece for your legs with just a little Lycra for a snug fit.

Pretty Polly have not gone mad with the styling, the legs are just straight tubes but they have kept weight and finish even from hip to toe.  In both sizes the panty is finished with flat seams and a gusset.

From the outside these tights have the same look and feel as most other heavy opaque tights but on the inside Pretty Polly have produced a very soft fleecy finish.  Incredibly soft and instantly warming.

Sizing is accurate and the 8% Lycra provides for both a good fit and enough extra stretch in length to for girls significantly taller than 5’10” to be able to wear the larger size.

For the best look on the leg and the maximum warmth from the fleece lining it is best not to over-stretch.  Also at full stretch you can see a band around the legs just below the gusset that marks the transition from leg to panty; this matt band is annoying because the look and feel above and below is the same and it means that you have to pair these tights with shorts or skirts long enough to cover it.

If you like very heavy opaque tights and feel the cold these tights are perfect for you.  We would even recommend them for outdoor pursuits as an alternative to thermal underwear.

Aside from the one small niggle about styling we wholeheartedly recommend these very sensible and durable tights from Pretty Polly.

25 January 2012

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