Pretty Polly Angora Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly Angora Opaque Tights

Indulge your legs on a winters day. These angora opaques are made using a blend of super soft yarns to add a touch of luxury to your legs.

Angora blend tights

Warming yarn combination

Comfortable waistband

Flat seamed

150 Denier, 62 % Viscose, 22 % Nylon, 13 % Angora, 3 % Lycra,  Price: 12.00

Pretty Polly Angora Opaque Tights


Our Review

Angora Tights from Pretty Polly of Derbyshire England.   Luxurious hosiery with the most expensive natural fibres hand crafted in England. 

<this is where in the movie you would hear that screeching sound that is a cross between a car skidding and a cat being strangled>  

Read the back of the packet carefully and you see first of all that these tights are made in Turkey, nothing unusual in that of course lots of brands manufacture their tights in countries like Turkey or China where employment costs are lower.  So why the outrage?

Well if these tights were pies they never could call them “Angora”.   You see with pies you have to list the ingredients in order of composition so a meat and potato pie is mostly meat and a potato and meat pie is mostly potato.  13% Angora means 87% other stuff; these are “other stuff and angora tights”  Rant over, what are the tights like?

Well they have a soft wooly feel to them, exactly what we would expect from Viscose.   Made with straight legs they are entirely uniform in weight and finish from hip to toe.   The panty has very good quality flat seams and a gusset to aid fit.

As with other Pretty Polly styles there are just two sizes small/medium and medium/large to cover the height range 5’0” to 5’10” (152-178cm) but there seems to be a good amount of stretch.

Indeed there is enough stretch for the larger size to cope with an athletic 34” leg and the Lycra provides for a very good fit as well as providing stretch.

The look on the leg is just like quality woollen socks and the feel is very soft.  Lovely and warm for a winter’s day these tights are perfect for wearing with the shortest of fashions or can be paired with a knee length skirt and a boots for a more sophisticated look.

We can’t help but feel that the Angora was included in the fibre blend as much for the name as to the extra warmth and softness it brings but these tights do perform as advertised.

12 is not a bad price in this market either, particularly given that you should get plenty of wear out of this type of hosiery.

13th February 2012

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