Pretty Polly Tulle Tights

Pretty Polly Tulle Tights

Matte Finish

Sheer Toe

Boxer Brief

No Gusset

87 % Nylon, 13 % Lycra,  Price: 6.00

Pretty Polly Tulle Tights


Our Review

What pretty packaging!   Such a pity that such good design is wasted on a strip of cardboard, an open packet rather than being full size.    MyTights wrap the whole in a polythene bag when they ship but at 6.00 we would have thought Pretty Polly could have stretched to a proper packet to display and protect the tights.

Of course we don’t wear the packet and unlike us you will probably dispose of it anyway once the tights are released... so what are the tights like?

The legs are straight and as you would expect from the name they are knitted as a very fine net (tulle); the toes are not reinforced and are finished with a good quality seam.   The panty is the heavy boxer style often seen on cheap sheer tights and it has no gusset, the central seam is well made but heavy and not flat.

Our test pair had a manufacturing fault which somehow left a thread from the leg pulled and stuck to the inside of the panty, we had to break the connecting thread for someone to try them on but fortunately that did not lead to a run.

These are one size tights to fit up to 5’10” (178cm) and 42” hips.   We can’t comment on the fit on the hip as there was not enough length in the leg to get them up that far; if your leg is more than 28” long then these tights will probably be too short for you.

On the up side the finish on the leg is good and the tulle knit provides for a deep and intense rendition of colour without the weight of an opaque.   The three colours: raspberry, sapphire and turquoise are all bright and fresh and ideal for adding an extra splash of colour to a summer outfit.

We really wanted to like these tights but the silly sizing, high price and cheap detailing really put us off.   

15 June 2010

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