Pretty Polly Spot Fishnet Tights

Pretty Polly Floral Spot Fishnet Tights


One size fits up to hip 42” (107cm) height up to 5’10” (178cm)

82 % Nylon,  18 % Lycra, Price: 6.25

Pretty Polly Spot Fishnet Tights


Our Review

These tights are supplied in an open packet so if you are buying in a high street store you can both see and feel them before you buy... but of course you will be buying on line and anyway the your legs should neither look nor feel like white cardboard.    Extricating the tights from the packet requires some care but once done we can tell you that the feel is typical of any fishnet, and the look differs from a micronet fishnet only in that around one in forty holes in the net are filled in.

The detailing is very good indeed with both a very small, short and narrow, reinforced toe and a generous unlined opaque gusset.   Both of these feature should greatly increase comfort and improve the look.   The waistband is narrow but strong and carries a textured design, very much like a Jonathan Aston style we recently reviewed.

There is surprisingly little stretch in both the legs and the waistband,  the legs will stretch to fit a leggy 5’10” but as far as 42” hips are concerned... well let us just say that you need to be very honest about your measurement.   The waistband will just go over a pair of 42” hips if you coax really gently, if your hips are anything more than 42” you won’t get these tights on.

We  took great care with these tights but still the fishnet ripped at the seam with the gusset.    The seam is so light and narrow that this is probably inevitable. On the plus side the failed seam at the gusset did not run into the leg.

The failure of the seam is a great pity as other wise these are comfortable and well fitting tights that look great on the leg.    Available in both black and mulberry we love the look and the spotted effect is a great alternative to regular fishnets.  

We really wanted to like these tights, really we did but somehow they failed to impress.   Whether it was the failed seam, or whether it was the very restricted  sizing we don’t know.     

A nice style change for those with slim hips prepared to chance 6 on a pair of tights they may only wear once.

14 March 2011

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