Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer 60 Tights

Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer 60 Tights

Tummy control tights with proven slimming effect.

With a lot of supporting magic knitted into the fabric our Low Leg Secret Slimmer tights create a pert bottom, trim tummy and svelte thighs.

They can be worn everyday for that tones, youthful, sexy silhouette or as an emergency measure for your party outfit, with overhang, lumps and bumps all a thing of the past.

Forget big pants & faddy diets, be proud of your figure knowing you look gorgeous, even better the explanation can be your little secret.

Variable compression in this garment ensures smooth lines. Knitted with Lycra fibre offering comfort and a perfect fit.

Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer 60 Tights

60 Denier, 80 % Nylon, 19 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, Price: 5.99

Our Review

Unlike their 15 denier equivalent these tights come in the more usual wide packet, the other major difference aside from the denier of the legs is the style of the panty which is styled low leg rather than high leg.

On opening the packet there is nothing to suggest that these are anything other than regular opaque tights, it is only when you open them out that you feel the difference in weight and texture between the legs and the panty.    On closer visual inspection the transition line between the almost cardboard feel of the panty and the soft texture of the legs is clearly visible... what is also clear to see is that the styling of the panty is high leg!.      Not in line with the description or the picture on the packet but a real plus from our perspective.

The legs are straight and finished with  non reinforced toes.    Legs and panty look to be quite generous for length in our M/L test pair.   As with the 15 denier version there is an S/M size for ladies up to 5’8 tall and 42” hips and M/L for everyone else.  The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset.

Sizing is indeed generous for length and you can comfortably go beyond the suggested heights on the size chart.   As for fit on the hips, well these are designed as control top tights and at the top end of the sizing they will be tight.

The legs have a good even colour and a nice matt finish, much like any 60 denier matt opaque.   The panty changed entirely once on, a little body heat was enough to get rid of that cardboard feel and the high waisted high leg control portion of the panty did an excellent job.   You will note we said high leg portion, for once on you can see that the panty is in two parts the firm controlling high leg panty and a lighter low leg transition to the legs.   

The cost of these tights is in line with 60 denier opaque tights of the same quality so  the control comes free.   Perhaps not the the most stylishly detailed panty we have seen but very comfortable with effect control.

5 January 2009


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