Pretty Polly Pretty Cool Tights

Pretty Polly Pretty Cool Tights

Reinforced body

Open gusset

Smooth sheer leg

Reinforced toe.

Made in sizes, Medium, Large and X-Large

15 Denier, 100 % Nylon,   Price: 4.00

Our Review

Not to be confused with Pretty Polly Cool Occasion Tights that use a special fibre mix to keep you cool, these are 100% nylon tights that deal with the problem of crotch ventilation by the simple expedient of having an opening where the gusset would normally be found.

The three sizes are all designed for heights up to 5’8 or 5’10” , only the hip size varies much from size to size, with a spread from 36” to 54”

Why there is no small size we don’t know, perhaps Pretty Polly feel that ladies with hips smaller than 36” or less than 5’0” tall don’t have ventilation issues.

It has to be said that on first impressions these tights look very much like supermarket multi-pack tights.

Pretty Polly Pretty Cool Tights


Detailing is quite unremarkable with a reinforced boxer style brief attached unshaped legs finished with reinforced toes.  The seams in the panty are of the raised type, quite small and reasonably well finished.   The same “seaming” is used to finish the edge of the open gusset, which in our XL test pair was slightly bigger than the usual gusset opening in a pair of tights.

Considering that these are 100% nylon tights there is quite a lot of stretch and the fit is very good.   Colour is even and the matt finish provides a subtle if unremarkable finish.    The boxer style brief sized for hips up to 54” in our XL test pair was too generous for any of our testers.   Be sure to buy the right size for your hips, there is enough stretch to go down a size if you are borderline.

The open gusset will appeal to some, as to how effective it is will depend on the underwear you pair these tights with.   A cotton lined gusset gives you the option of not wearing other underwear, no gusset is more limiting.   The degree of ventilation when wearing panties cannot be compared to what you would get from wearing stockings or hold-ups.

The open gusset saves nothing in the costs of manufacturing and at 4.00 we think these tights are a little expensive.    You could get the same effect from any tights with a gusset simply by spending a couple of minutes with a pair of sharp scissors.

All in all an interesting concept that doesn’t quite work for us.   Average everyday tights at a slightly inflated price.   Although they do provide a rare opportunity to buy Lycra free tights, and much as we like the fit Lycra gives we know there are many people who yearn for the 100% nylon tights of years gone by.

19 July 2008

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