Pretty Polly Premium Embellished Tights

Pretty Polly Premium Embellished Tights

60 Denier

Slight Sheen Finish

Sheer Toe

Sheer to Waist Brief

One size fits up to hip 42” (107cm) height up to 5’10” (178cm)

60 Denier, 94 % Nylon,  6 % Lycra, Price: 12.00

Pretty Polly Premium Embellished Tights


Our Review

Until recently Pretty Polly Tights at 12 a pair would have caused a few raised eyebrows, that they are also one size would have caused an outcry but it is becoming quite the norm... so are these tights worth it?

The design is all about the pattern of diamond studs that cover a large part of the front of the legs of these tights, they are very evident looking through the window on the packet completely eclipse the rest of the garment once you unpack it.     Clearly the pattern is where the money was spent too as the tights themselves are of quite basic construction with unshaped legs, no gusset and raised seams in the panty.

On the upside the material feels smooth and soft, and although it has the opacity of 60 denier hosiery it does not have the weight either. The sheer toe is not the same weight as the leg so it is clearly visible and sadly the panty is different knit to the legs with a deep transition band clearly visible at the top of the leg... so no wearing with short skirts ladies.

Fit is reasonably good and there is plenty of stretch to get the most out of “one size”.   Colour is even but less dense than would be expected of 60 denier opaque tights, sadly the studs distort the background a little which spoils the overall impression.

Certainly a great look with a black dress and black or sparkly silver shoes for a party or a night out but a bit expensive for what is a pair of very basic opaques which would sell for no more than 3 without the studs. Premium price without premium quality.

Despite our reservations we have to say that this is a unique look and individuality sometimes comes at a price.  If these tights had been sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset we would have been raving about them even if they cost 15-18.

6 May 2011

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