Pretty Polly Nylons Sandal Toe Tights

Pretty Polly Nylons Sandal Toe Tights

Nylons combine the sheer, glossy look of original nylon hosiery with the fit provided by the latest Lycra Elastane fibres.

Sheer from waist to toe, gusset, deep comfort waistband. Sheer leg. Hand finished flat seam

Part of the "Nylons" range.

10 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra, Price: 4.50

Pretty Polly Sandal Toe Sheer Tights


Our Review

Shaped leg and heel, sandal toe, sheer to waist, flat seams and a sheer gusset. All the quality markers.

Feel very good on, excellent fit and even colour.

Sheer "gusset" is actually a rear panel in the large size. Smaller sizes probably have a sheer gusset.

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