Pretty Polly Perfectly Natural Sun Oil Sheen Tights

Pretty Polly Perfectly Natural Sun Oil Tights

Creates a glistening just oiled leg look.

Cool breathable body

Ultra sheer leg look

Great to wear with sandals.


8 Denier, 86 % Nylon, 11 % Lycra, 3 % Cotton, Price: 3.50

Pretty Polly Natural Sun Oil Sheen Tights

Our Review

Our first review of these tights was somewhat brief (see below).    Since then the packaging has been updated so we thought we would see if the tights have changed too.   And as it is frosty outside the idea of sun oil seemed a nice reminder of summer.

You can see the shimmer on the surface of these tights as soon as you take them from the packet.  They feel delightfully light and soft in the hand.

The shaped sheer legs are attached to a high leg style panty which is covered in a diamond  pattern.   The panty is designed so that you can wear these tights without underwear, and to keep you cool.   The seams in the brief are good quality but not flat, there is a cotton lined gusset.

The Lycra gives plenty of stretch, enough to go a few inches beyond the quoted sizes, and it also ensures a perfect fit on the legs.   The finish is beautifully smooth to the touch.   Aside from the very obvious sheen these are almost invisible on legs.  The toe is lightly reinforced, but almost invisible. 

Gorgeous tights for the summer.. but look for an excuse to wear them in the winter too.. they look and feel that good.

12 November 2007


Pretty Polly Perfectly Natural Sun-oil Sheen Tights

Glistening just oiled look tights

8 denier appearance with Lycra

Cotton gusset

Special breathable body

Sandal toe

Our Review

Full panty top, shaped heel, sandal toe.

Invisible aside from the oil sheen. Very sexy.

Good fit, would be better if sheer to waist

Feel is soft.. But oily.. Nice

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