Pretty Polly Nanopaque Tights

Pretty Polly Nanopaque Tights

Developed in Japan and packaged in a unique little box, these have buckets of stretch and a real wow factor.

50 Denier, 88 % Nylon, 12 % Lycra,  Price: 9.79

Pretty Polly Nanopaque Tights


Our Review

We must start with the box, they say the tights are designed in Japan and the box must be too as it is miniaturised, just 6x9x4.5 cm.   What this means of course is that you can keep a spare pair in your handbag in case of emergencies or if you feel like changing colour mid evening. There is quite a selection of colours, our test pair came in “Teal”.

Lots of colours but only one size, designed for everyone up 107 cm (42”) hips and 178 cm (5’10”) tall.  The sizing is a bit of a fright when you first take the tights our of their box; you really would think they were made for a child, and a Japanese child at that. 

Construction is quite basic, straight tube legs finished with a simple toe seam, boxer style brief with an unlined gusset.   The body seams are well made but not flat.

No need to worry about sizing there is masses of stretch so they should fit even if you are a little bigger than the packet suggests as a maximum size.   Fit is pretty good too with no obvious bagging or sagging.   The finish on the leg is matt and very soft to the touch.

Colour on the legs is very even but the design is let down just a little by the transition from the legs to the slightly darker brief which is marked by a 2 cm wide transition zone.   If you were to wear these tights with short shorts or a skirt as short as the one pictured above this would be visible and funky opaque tights like these are clearly meant for wear with short fashions.   That said these are quality tights that are a must have for the spring, just watch the length of your shorts and skirts.

31 March 2009


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