Pretty Polly Leg Lift Medium Support Tights

Pretty Polly Leg Lift Medium Support Tights

Cosmetic support never looks so good! Give your legs a lift with our modern support tights recommended by women on the go. Indulge yourself and apply everyday to soothe tired and overworked legs.

For a polished going out leg look - nobody will guess you are wearing support

Graduated factor 8 support to keep legs fresh & younger for longer.

Strong and Durable.

10 Denier, 75 % Nylon, 24 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, Price: 4.75

Pretty Polly Leg Lift 10 denier medium support tights


Our Review

On first look these look like fairly standard sheer tights.  Shaped sheer legs with a boxer style brief.  The brief has a cotton lined gusset to help with fit and freshness, and the seams are well finished but not flat.

The contrast between the quite opaque matt brief and the smooth soft sheer legs in incredible.  The toes are reinforced with a good quality seam.

You only really notice the support element of these tights when you start to put them over your foot.  You need to stretch these tights gradually as you go, they will not slide over your skin once they make contact, they fit that closely! Fortunately they feel very strong and durable, giving you confidence to stretch them firmly.

As with other Pretty Polly lines there are just two sizes, small/medium and medium/large.  The small/medium size is for ladies up to 5’10” tall and 42” hips, the medium large size is for ladies with hips of 42” or larger. 

The fit is very good on the legs, and OK in the brief.  The colour is even and the feel is quite smooth, particularly on the lower leg.

While these will never be taken as high couture 10 denier tights they will certainly not be seen as support tights either.   A sheer to waist version would be fantastic!

For a matt finish consider Pretty Polly Leg Lift Light Support Tights

The compression is noticeable in the lower leg and very refreshing without being constrictive.

Highly recommended, particularly if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

8 October 2007

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