Pretty Polly Italia 30 Denier Semi Sheer

Pretty Polly Italia 30 Denier Semi Sheer Tights

Exclusively designed in Italy

Sheer to Waist

Soft Shine Finish

Durable toe.

Comfort Waistband.

In the picture to the right Evelyn, Hortensia and Asha area wearing Pretty Polly Italia semi sheer tights in cinnamon.


30 Denier, 89 % Nylon, 11 % Lycra, Price: 4.50

Pretty Polly Italia 30 Denier Semi Sheer (2003)


Our Review

We have reviewed these tights twice in the past, once in the packaging below, and once after the newer packaging above was introduced. The last time we looked we said “These tights are just a repackaging of the earlier design.”  On closer inspection although the overall design is the same the sizing has changed.   In light of this small error on our part, and the fact that this style is a favourite of so many of our visitors, we taking another detailed look.

So, about the sizing.   In common with the rest of the Pretty Polly Italia range the previous 3 sizes of Small, Medium and Large have been replaced with two sizes. Small/Medium and Medium/Large.  The smaller size for heights between 5’0” and 5’6” and hip sizes 34” to 42”.   If you are taller (up to 5’10”), or bigger in the hips (up to 46”), you will need the bigger size. 

The weight of these tights is apparent even in the packet, even released from their cardboard envelope the impression is of tights much heavier than 30 denier.  Unwrapping them from the card reveals sheer to waist tights with just the slightest shaping at the heels, and reinforced toes.

The brief is finished with flat seams and a lined gusset.   There is no reinforcement either side of the seam and just the narrowest of finger bands below the 4 cm deep waistband.

We had our tallest tester try these tights and we are happy to report that the Medium/Large size stretched comfortably beyond the suggested sizing.   Fit was very good from hip to toe with perfect even colour.    A 30 denier look but with the strength of heavier tights, these are ideal for everyday wear in the colder months.  In black for the office, in black or skin tone for evenings out in short skirts or shorts.

Fantastic value at 4.50.    Not the quality of finish you would get with the likes of Wolford or Fogal, but these tights are a quarter of the price and much better than a quarter of the quality.

11 October 2007

Pretty Polly Italia 30 Denier Semi Sheer

30 Denier, 89 % Nylon, 11 % Lycra, Price: 4.25

Exclusively designed in Italy to ensure the ultimate in quality and feminine styling.

Italia is the premium choice for women who want hosiery that is glamorous and sophisticated.

Comfort Waistband.

Sheer to Waist

Hand finished flat seams with gusset
semi sheer soft shine finish, 30 denier with Lycra

Reinforced toe

Fully shaped heel, look short in leg and foot out of the packet.

Fantastic fit, hip to toe.

Very shiny, surprisingly soft to the touch.

Best in a pale skin tone or nude,  these are very expensive looking sexy tights at a great price.

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