Pretty Polly House of Holland The Mock Stock

Pretty Polly House of Holland The Mock Stock

Henry Holland has designed this cutting edge collection of legwear by mixing sheer and opaque fabrics, with some lovely House of Holland twists.  Developed and made in England by Pretty Polly

One size fits up to hip 42” (107cm) height up to 5’10” (178cm)

40/10 Denier, 92 % Nylon, 7 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, Price: 9.95

Pretty Polly House of Holland Mock Stocking Tights


Our Review

We normally start our reviews with our impressions of the tights as we remove them from the packet but with this style we are stepping back a bit...  One size tights for 9.95?  A packet that is designed for the style by having a picture on the front but no style specific notes on the back?   No indication of just how sheer and opaque the various parts of the tights are?   These will have to be very very good tights to excuse such lazy packaging design.

Well the packet is open and we have another complaint.  The colour is described on the packet as blue and as anyone can see the tights are turquoise.  A very pretty colour but not blue unless you are thinking duck egg.

The first good news is that the feel in the hand is deliciously soft.  The second bit of good news is that the seams in the panty are flat and well finished and there is a cotton lined gusset.

Visually these tights are most peculiar before you put them on, the sheer portion between the panty and the straight legs is much more narrow than the opaque parts, no doubt because being more sheer it will be far more elastic.  The portion is crossed by two thin lines of opaque material on each leg, one front and one back. The toes are “reinforced” but oddly more sheer than the legs.

The sizing seems quite generous so unless you have legs more than 34” long the one size should fit you. 

OK so we have been pretty negative so far but this design really does work, not least because it really does not try to look like stockings and suspenders.  The legs have good even colour and the sheer panels on the upper thigh turn a boring opaque into funky design.  The panty once separated from the leg by the sheer parts takes on the look of a pair of panties rather than the top of a pair of tights and is opaque enough not to need any other underwear.

Colour is perfectly even, the fit is very good.

Worth 10?  Well yes they are if you are looking for something fun to wear to a party with a short dress.  The vibrant colours are the perfect antidote to the dark nights and grey weather.

2 November 2009

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