Pretty Polly House of Holland "The House" Tights

Pretty Polly House of Holland “The House” Tights

Henry Holland has designed this cutting edge collection of legwear by mixing sheer and opaque fabrics, with some lovely House of Holland twists.  Developed and made in England by Pretty Polly

One size fits up to hip 42” (107cm) height up to 5’10” (178cm)

20 Denier, 66 % Nylon, 17 % Polypropylene, 16 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, Price: 12.00

House of Holland The House Tights


Our Review

The House of Holland range are very much “in fashion” at present, although in our opinion Hilary Alexander of the Daily Telegraph is rather behind the times in only writing about them this week!  Where we lead the opinion forming fashion writers follow. 

We had hoped to include photos of one of our ladies in these tights but she declined on the basis of poor experiences with the quality of the brand in the past so you will have to make do with words. (Stacey stepped into the breach later as you can see.)

The tights come in the standard House of Holland square box, the inner packet is sealed with a label that includes instructions as to how to put them on.  The instructions are a good idea but they also hint at worries about laddering.

OK.. 12 for one size tights they must be joking!.  One size is up to 5’10” (178cm) tall and 42” (107cm) hips by the way. 

Detailing is quite basic, straight legs with a reinforced toe, sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset. The waistband is quite deep at nearly 4 cm but there is no finger band.

Sizing looks very small at but you can feel the capacity of the material to stretch.  As is our habit we chose a model with long legs to see just what they tights can stretch to.  Well a 34” long leg was no problem there is plenty of stretch and once on the fit is good too.   

Colour is perfectly even and the finish is a matt a combination that does a very good job of emphasising the curves of your legs.

The house design is a matter of taste.  From our point of view we can’t see that adding beige houses to black tights does anything other that tell people you bought this brand.  The design seems to introduce weakness too, despite applying even more care than usual our test pair developed a run starting at the corner of one of the houses on the hip; in this case out of sight so the tights are still wearable.

Would we buy these tights? Most certainly not, 12 for tights that you may not even get to wear once, and after one wearing the novelty will have worn off anyway, is just far too much. 

18 June 2010

Well we hated the natural coloured houses on the black background but we decided to take a look at the black houses on the natural background and asked Stacey to model them for us.   There were no issues with runs with this pair and Stacey said that they were very comfortable.  As for the look, well you can of course judge for yourself but we think this is a far better colour combination that will catch the eye regardless of how often you wear it.

28 August 2010


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