Pretty Polly Gloss Tights with Aloe Vera

Pretty Polly Gloss Tights with Aloe Vera

Sheer glossy leg look with stretch for comfort and fit

Softening Aloe Vera to moisturise and smooth the skin

Durable toe and body.

10 Denier, 88 % Nylon, 12 % Lycra,  Price: 3.45

Our Review

Pretty Polly make some very smart fashionable tights but it is worth remembering that tights are everyday wear for a lot of people and sometimes what is needed is something a little more basic.

As soon as you open the packet you can see how Pretty Polly designed these tights. The straight legs are smooth and glossy but the the out of sight portions, the toe and boxer brief, are made of plain matt material, made for strength first and foremost.

These are not cheaply made tights by any means, the brief is finished with high quality seams, although they are not flat, and there is a gusset to help with fit.

3 sizes are available, Small/Medium, Medium/Large and XL.   The 12% Lycra gives enough stretch that you would only need XL if your hips are over 48” whatever your height.

Pretty Polly Gloss Tights with Aloe Vera


The look and feel of the legs is equal to any 10 denier tights at twice the price.   Fit is excellent with no bagging or sagging at the knee and ankle.     The smooth feel on the leg may be due to the Aloe Vera, but otherwise we could not say this brought anything to the overall experience.

Great everyday 10 denier tights with a gorgeous glossy sheen and sparkle at a sensible price.  

6 May 2008

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