Marilyn Coco Hold Ups

Marilyn Coco Hold Ups

Jacquard hold-ups with reinforced toes


20 Denier, 84 % Nylon, 16 % Lycra, Price: $13.50

Marilyn Coco Fishnet Thigh Highs
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Our Review

We would normally review hold ups on our sister site StockingsFashion but as we only have the one style from Marilyn we didn’t want it to be lonely so we are reviewing it with the tights.

The first thing that we noticed is that Marilyn have done with these hold ups what a number of brands did with tights in recent years, that is half the number of sizes.   So although the size chart details sizes 1 to 4 our test pair came in size 3/4.   For hold ups this is quite a justifiable way of reducing costs as length is less critical and hip size does not come into the equation at all.

At first glance these are standard micronet net stockings but a closer inspection reveals the standard net pattern has a design of circles incorporated into the knit... Jacquard is the name of the method traditionally used to introduce a pattern into a knit or weave.  (For anoraks hundreds of years ago this was the first uses of a digital control system using cards with punch holes that advanced one position with each line of stitches; these punch cards are the precursors of those used to program early computers - we suspect that here an actual computer controlled the knitting process).

There is no reinforced toe but the net is finer at the toe to give better durability and comfort.

The stocking tops are very nicely detailed with two elastic strips that carry the silicone bands to grip your legs and patterned bands between.  The packet and the picture both say and suggest a 9cm deep stocking top; this is not the case, on our test pair it measured just 5.5cm.     Size is not everything and the pretty design is quite unique and a pleasant change to acres of lace.

Fishnet is always stretchy and 16% Lycra in the fibre increases the stretch here to ridiculous levels.   I doubt there is anyone who will find the length lacking, the only limitation on size is likely to be the stocking top and if that is an issue then perhaps hold ups are not right for you anyway.  The hold up top is comfortable and works well. Fit is OK, but as is often the case with fishnet not as skin tight as sheers.

The Jacquard design is very subtle and adds a real touch of class to plain fishnet, it even makes fishnet work in paler shades

29 November 2011

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