Le Bourget Teint Magique Tights

Le Bourget Teint Magique Tights

Bronzing Effect Tights

Sheer to Waist

Flat Seams

Cotton Gusset.

Estimated 8 Denier, 50 % Nylon, 50 % Polyurethane, Price: 8.05

Le Bourget Teint Magique

Our Review

Although not described as summer tights the name and fibre mix put these tights firmly in the “designed for summer” category. 

As with other nylon/polyurethane tights these feel delightfully soft, and have the look of 100% nylon tights from the 1970s.  Of course they are far more sophisticated with sheer to waist construction, flat body seams and a cotton lined gusset.

There is quite a deep waistband, about 3cm, then a 2cm deep finger band.  The legs are finished with invisible sandal toes

Despite not having any Lycra in the fibre there is plenty of stretch in the legs, certainly enough to fit an average to slim 34” leg. 

On the leg these tights feel gorgeous, completely smooth and ever so sensual. The look is amazing too, what you see is a hint of sheen and a even tan, it is almost impossible to see that you are wearing tights.  As with other tights made this way the effect is of a very lightly oiled, slightly tanned leg with perfect skin.

Fantastic tights, right up there with the other summer styles, if perhaps a little less generous in the sizing than some.  As with all nylon/polyurethane tights there is a slight tendency to slip down ever so slightly during the day, luckily the cotton gusset allows a pair of panties to be worn outside to keep them in place.

Highly recommended.

13 February 2007

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