Gracia Bikini 40 Tights

Golden Gracia Bikini 40 Tights

Compressed silky elastic tights by Multifibre

Open delicate work shorts

Cotton gusset

Flat seams

40 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 16 % Lycra, 2 % Cotton, Price 6.20

Gracia Bikini 40 Tights

Our Review

Having already had a close look at the 20 denier version of these tights were not in the least surprised by the built in panty that is the main feature of these tights; not just a panty design but an actual pair of panties with cotton gusset detail that completely removes the need for other underwear and provides a smooth silhouette.

Straight legs with reinforced toes as with their more sheer cousin, but of course 40 denier semi-opaque rather than sheer. Not overly heavy for 40 denier tights but incredibly strong with good stretch for a perfect fit.  The colour is perfectly even too which with the silky shine on the finish makes for a very flattering look on your legs.   The feel on the leg is very smooth and soft.

We did say that the 20 denier version would take some beating, the 40 just have the edge.

The only thing we don’t like about these tights.... you can’t buy them in the UK... yet!

6 March 2009

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