Gatta Dollie Tights

Gatta Dollie Tights

Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided Elastan type yarn, matt, without marked knickers part.

Sheer toe

20 Denier, 87 Nylon, 13 % Lycra,  Price: 7.99

Gatta Dollie Tights

Our Review

We first looked at Gatta tights earlier this year and since then we have seen a number of styles from them from quite standard sheers through on trend fashion designs to an interesting use of Lurex.   

As with the other styles in their range this one comes in three sizes (2-4) and uses a fibre composition around 85% Nylon 15% Lycra.  

The picture above gave us high hopes for this design but did not prepare us for the appearance of these tights as they emerge from the packet.     The lower part of the leg has a definite texture and a little stretching reveals that this is due to the knitting in of a hexagonal pattern... the stretching removes the texture.  From mid thigh upwards the unshaped legs are sheer as is the panty that features an unlined gusset and a narrow reinforced transition to the flat seams.    The overall impression is of a well considered design carefully executed.

The size chart suggests a maximum height and weight for the largest size of 185 cm tall, 125 cm hips and 85 kg, but not all at the same time!     We would suggest that the sizing is pretty well spot on in terms of height and hip combination at the top limit of height (6’1”) and the corresponding maximum hip measurement of 110 cm (43”) but that for anyone with bigger hips the sizing may be a little slim regardless of height.

Fit is very good indeed, the gusset ensures premium levels of fit and comfort. 

We simply love the design.   The lower leg has an opaque look concealing all the imperfections of your skin without being any heavier than a 20 denier sheer.   The pattern design at the transition from patterned lower leg to sheer upper leg and panty is highly individual and incredibly effective... you just have to wear these tights with a skirt that shows off at least some of it.     

There was a small amount of banding visible in the colour of the sheer part of the leg but not enough to detract in any way from the over all look.   In our opinion this part should be hidden by your skirt anyway. 

Classy, sophisticated, sexy and fun all in one pair of tights for under 8. 

14 September 2011

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