Gatta Discrete Tights

Gatta Discrete Tights

Tights for ladies, with a rare net pattern of “Cabaret” type, made of braided Lycra type yarn.

Cotton gusset


n/a Denier, 73 Nylon, 25 % Lycra, 2 % Cotton,   Price: 7.99

Gatta Discrete Tights

Our Review

You can’t see this from the packet scan, and it is only hinted at in the description, but these are fishnet tights.    We have had very mixed experiences with fishnets, thankfully Gatta have opted to make these micro net tights with a proper gusset... a good start that should help fit and sizing.

The stand out feature of this style of tights is the waistband.   The fishnet finishes at around hip level and a flat seam is then used to attach a lattice pattern stretch lace.   If this fits well it will be a genius piece of styling.

Being fishnet and 25% Lycra there is only a need for two sizes.   The size range goes up to 125cm hips or 85kg weight and 185cm height, although not both together.

In the hand the feel is very much like semi-opaque microfibre tights, there is none of the harshness you often get with fishnets.

Fit is very good and the sizing is more generous than suggested, you could certainly combine maximum height and weight.    The feel on the leg is nothing like regular fishnets, altogether softer.

Discrete is a great name for this style.   From a few metres away you only see even colour, only close to is your less conservative taste in hosiery revealed.

The waistband was the only disappointment.   If you have a very pronounced waist it will work but in you have any lumps or bumps or an apple or pear figure rather than an hourglass it doesn’t quite work and is a little prone to rolling up.

As fishnets go these are first rate. Well styled, well made and well priced.

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