Fabiani Lilli Tights

Fabiani Lilli Tights

Transparent sheers with a matt sheen

Reinforced panty

Large size with comfortable gusset

Toe reinforced

Fitted heel


20 Denier, 97 % Nylon, 3 % Lycra, Price: €4.25

Fabiani Lilli Tights

Our Review

What we have here is something quite rare, tights that have a reinforced heel and toe in the style of classic nylon stockings; the feel in the hand is very much like 100% nylon stockings too despite the small amount of Lycra in the fibre which adds  stretch.

It is worth remembering that Fabiani is the “own brand” of the Kaufhof department stores in Germany and this gives a few clues regarding the styling.    The plain boxer style panty with raised seams and an unlined gusset is pretty typical of an own brand where all the money is spent on the legs and as little as possible on what can’t be seen.    The classic nylons styling will appeal to ladies who have always worn hosiery like this.    It is tempting to say “old ladies tights”.

There is no size chart on the packet but as these tights are only sold in the Galleria Kaufhof stores there is really no need of one since sizing is displayed on the shelving.   The sizing is accurate, the only area where you need to exercise caution is in the foot as the stretch here is very limited and the foot is made quite short; so if you have longer feet than the average lady the heel detail may not sit properly.

The classic nylons look and feel is really apparent once you have these tights on, the shaped legs fit beautifully and have perfect even colour.   The finish is quite rough and hard to the touch and it is absolutely obvious that you are wearing hosiery even if you wear a shade to match your skin tone.   A major plus of that rough finish is that when you cross your legs your skin gets little tickles and everyone will hear the swish.

The panty section is frankly pretty grim, it fits and holds the legs in place but is has the look that once had tights branded as passion killers. 

If you are 100% sure nobody will see above mid thigh these are perfect tights to get the sensory benefits of nylon stockings with the convenience of tights.   Well made and durable.

26 October 2009

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