Cette Cannes Tights

Cette Cannes Tights

Matt summer tights, sheer to waist, revolutionary bicomponent yarn. Cotton gusset and transparent toes.

Our Review

Typical of polyurethane mix "summer" tights these look like cheap 1970's micromesh tights out of the packet.
Feel in the hand is much softer than those old standards though.
The other visual impression is of a long "pop sock", these tights have no shaping at all.
Of course it is look and feel on the leg that counts. The sizing is not generous, large size really only being suitable up to a 34" leg. As there is no Lycra in the yarn the degree of stretch is very limited, the fit is however very good..
Sheer to waist with a sandal toe the look is fantastic. Just like a smooth tanned leg. The raised seams in the body area are a little disappointing in tights at 8.60 a pair.
Oroblu Suntime are only just over half the price and only slightly heavier weight at 15 denier.

Other makers use similar nylon/polyurethane fibre mixes now, to see more to to our summer tights section

Revised 13 April 2006

Cette Cannes

9 Denier, 50 % Nylon, 50 % Polyurethane or Lycra *, Price: 7.50

* A new test pair from Sock Shop received in February 2007 claims 50% Nylon and 50% Lycra on the packaging.   A reduced price of 7.50 is also noted.   There does seem to be greater stretch than we recall from our earlier review and there is not characteristic cool feel of polyurethane.   Be sure to read packets carefully to see which fibre mix is used.

26 February 2007

Cette Tights, Cette Pantyhose, Cette Strumpfhosen

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