Zohara Black Leggings with Golden Print

Zohara Black Leggings with Golden Print

Black leggings (footless tights) with golden repetitive pattern by Zohara.

One size - fits Size 8-16UK.

Available in black with golden print - as seen on the picture.

120 Denier, 90 Nylon, 10 % Lycra, Price: 19.99

Zohara Leggings with Golden Print

Our Review

Up to now all the Zohara hosiery we have seen has followed a very definite pattern, cream tights with a printed pattern; just once they surprised us by making a footless version! No complaints though they have been lovely warm soft tights and the printed designs are quite unique.

Now they have gone completely crazy and made tights that are both black and footless.  Fortunately we still have the same very well made 120 denier material, flat seams and a cotton lined gusset.  The gusset does always make us chuckle, the rest of the workmanship is always so good but there is always a little bit of gusset beyond the stitching; it does not effect fit, feel or look and we could trim it off in 30 seconds hence the chuckle rather than a complaint.

Are they leggings or footless tights? By our definition they are most certainly footless tights as even at 120 denier they are only opaque enough to protect modesty not to wear as an outer garment. Plus the pattern only extends from ankle cuff to just below gusset level.  The pattern as always with Zohara is well defined even at maximum stretch, and they will stretch a lot.

Simply crying out to be paired with shorts or a tiny skirt/dress and your highest black heels these tights are fun, stylish and will keep your warm in the colder months of the year.

21 October 2011

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